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Baby Activity – Fun with Tape

baby activity fun with tape
photo courtesy of Fun with Mama
Fun with Mama posted this fabulous idea to try with your baby or toddler! Use a piece of tape or a sticker and stick it on their nose or toes and watch them try to take it off. Not only is this a fun picture opportunity (I think the seriousness and focus on their face is adorable!), but it is a great activity for motor skill development, body awareness, and vocabulary. Read the details and see more pictures at Fun with Mama.


Monday 27th of August 2012

I tried this activity with my baby with post it / sticky notes and she loved it! Thanks for a gr8 idea! Shweta


Sunday 2nd of January 2011

I did something like this on accident the other day lol... I stuck a sticker to my own forhead and let my 9 month old pull it off then i did it again... it got easier as the stickiness wore off but he really enjoyed it and was laughing so hard that he could barely sit up straight... I will have to put some on him to try next time!

Christine (iDreamofClean)

Monday 9th of August 2010

What a great idea! I stuck a sticker on my one year old the other day and he had so much fun. I can't imagine if he had several pieces of tape stuck on him! I'm going to try this today.


Saturday 7th of August 2010

We've done that on airplane rides with painters tape. Used up a whole roll of the stuff, but it really is marvelous at entertaining toddlers!


Saturday 7th of August 2010

So cute! My kiddo loves playing with all things sticky. This is right up his alley.