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Handprint/Footprint Reindeer

Handprint/Footprint Reindeer
handprint/footprint reindeer
Today we made handprint/footprint reindeer. Instead of using the paint like I originally planned, we traced and then decorated. I’m going to put their names and ages and laminate them. What a fun keepsake!

Thank you to Activity Village where I originally found the Handprint/Footprint Reindeer idea!


Wednesday 22nd of December 2010

I love this many wonderful ideas. THANK YOU!

Jackie H.

Saturday 4th of December 2010

I think my parents and inlaws are sick of the handprint crafts since I've been cranking them out for all of the past holidays. BUT I just realized, I didn't keep any of them for ME! I love to look back at their little hands and feet.So we'll have to do this one!


Friday 3rd of December 2010

Lovely blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!


Friday 3rd of December 2010

Cute! It would be fun to let them color inside it with markers too :)

Olives and Pickles

Friday 3rd of December 2010

This is one of my favorite activities!