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Baby Activity – Coloring for the First Time

Baby Activity – Coloring
baby activity coloring
I picked up these chunky crayons at the dollar store and gave N a piece of paper to scribble on. According to the book “The Write Start” by Jennifer Hallissy, scribbling is a very important step in developing writing skills so I thought why not start now. Between each scribble the crayon went straight into her mouth so this coloring session turned out to be very short.


Thursday 10th of February 2011

I was going to be super impressed if they didn't end up in her mouth! M STILL eats crayons. But I agree scribbling is an awesome first step.

Jackie H.

Monday 7th of February 2011

Crayola makes a jumbo colored pencil. It's perfect for babies. They can still put it in their mouth because it's mostly just wood like a pencil but the point is so fat that it doesn't get too sharp like a crayon. My boys both still have a tendancy to mouth things so these have been a lifesaver. They usually have them at Walmart but always have them at Hobby Lobby (if u have one) or Michaels-- and you can find them on amazon too.


Sunday 6th of February 2011

I let my 11 month old color a few weeks ago, she actually made a few marks. But we had to cut it short too since everything goes in her mouth these days. Thank you for sharing my latest post on FB :)


Saturday 5th of February 2011

I agree that scribbling is a very important step. I read the book Young at Art when my daughter was a baby and it helped me realize how important those first marks on the page really are.

It would be great if you linked this up to Writer's World on my blog.