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Celebrate Chemistry

Erupting Volcano Project

Here are two awesome Celebrate Chemistry videos presented by Dow to help children get interested and excited about Chemistry!

The future of the United States depends on its ability to prepare the next generation to be innovators in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Yet far too few students are prepared for the challenges ahead. Dow Chemical believes the U.S. education system should lead the world, and 2011 presents a unique moment in time to celebrate the contributions of chemistry to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges that impact society during the U.N.-designate International Year of Chemistry (IYC). As the global partner of IYC, they are committed to helping the public understand why chemistry matters, especially among our nation’s young people, who will become the future scientists of tomorrow.

The Celebrate Chemistry video series is a part of Dow’s commitment to STEM education and getting today’s students excited about the future of chemistry and science in our world.

celebrate chemistry

We love to experiment with baking soda and vinegar! Either just pouring and combining in a large bowl or transferring vinegar with a dropper (pictured)! I think that is an easy way to get even young kids involved in Science.

If you view any of the videos above and/or give the experiments a try, I’d love to hear what you think and how they go!

For more information about Dow’s educational initiatives, visit For more information about IYC, feel free to visit Dow’s IYC website at or the official IYC webpage at

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Jackie H.

Saturday 21st of May 2011

Don't forget to mention those wonderful Little Scientist Kits from Time for Tots. I just ordered one and we are LOVING it! Such a great way to introduce very basic science concepts to little learners!

JDaniel4's Mom

Friday 20th of May 2011

I used to make a volcano when we studied Rome.