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Science Play Date

Science Play Date
Before M started preschool (she started when she was almost 3.5), I ran a little Tot School out of our house. We had it once or twice a month for over a year, and Maddie and I have some of the best memories of it!
Recently she asked if we could do another one, and could the theme be all about science.  Sure!  This Science Play Date was so fun to get friends together and learn.  I use THESE trays and set up an activity that kids can do independently or with their mom or with a buddy.
Science Play Date
1. Grid game with pebbles and dice helps counting and one-to-one correspondence
2. Sorting through a bowl to determine what is, and isn’t, magnetic.  THESE wands are so fun!
3. Learning about transparency by holding things like bubble wrap or fabric up to our eyes is easy and exciting.

4. What sinks or floats?  Test some objects in a bowl of water!

science play date
5. A dollar store ice cube tray and tweezers makes sorting and patterning little frogs so fun.
6. Using pipettes (filled with tinted vinegar) to create volcanoes on a tray of baking soda was mind boggling for little ones!
7. Raised salt paintings turned out beautifully.

8. Piping water into bath mats (from Bed, Bath, and Beyond) requires focus and precision!

science play date
And how can you tell a science playdate was a total success?
By checking out the total mess in the kitchen.  Ha!

So could you do it?  Gather a couple friends and get those bright minds exploring the world around them!

Written by Jill


Wednesday 27th of March 2013

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Darci J. Harland

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

I love these science ideas. I have a 21 month old, and might be able to do some of these now. Even my 5 yr old may enjoy it. Sink or float is a personal favorite of ours.

Darci the STEM Mom

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Thursday 29th of March 2012

This is a great ideea. You know , a lot of kids (including myself when I was a child) are a little intimidated of going to school. This is a great way to make it all easier for them to adapt.

Raising a Happy Child

Tuesday 27th of March 2012

How fun. I keep thinking of running a little math club with a couple of Anna's friends. Your science playdate looks like an enormous success.