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10 Ways to Make Summer Reading Fun

10 Ways to Make Summer Reading Fun

Summer is just around the corner!  Make Summer Reading Fun with these motivating and fun suggestions.

1. Family Book Club: Take turns choosing a book weekly that everyone will read. Have each member keep a reading journal. Discuss and share ideas at the end of the week.  Older children may enjoy planning a craft to go with the story!

2.  Summer Book Bin: Have books readily available in a decorated book bin or cardboard box.  Also, having books in the car has helped motivate my children to read while we are on the go!

3.  Book Marks: Spend some time as a family creating book marks.  Use stickers, glitter, and other craft materials.

make summer reading fun
4.  Library Reading Programs:  Sign your child up for summer reading programs at your local library.  Visit the library often for activities and for picking out new books. Often babies and toddlers can participate as well.  Look for book stores and other companies that  offer incentives for kids during the summer. I keep all of this info. posted on a summer bulletin board. (See below)
make summer reading fun


5. Themed Reading Activities:  Choose a theme to study over the summer.  Choose fiction and non-fiction literature based on this topic.  One summer we enjoyed learning about dogs and reading dog stories. PBS parents provided the book lists and activities based on Martha Speaks.
An Ocean/Beach theme would be fun!

6.  Read a Variety of Genres: Post a Genre Wheel for each child to encourage reading different types of literature.  (a pizza graphic would be fun.  Write in each slice.  Celebrate when filled with a pizza party!)

7.  Family Reading Buddies: Partner read and enjoy spending time with one family member.  Rotate reading buddies though out the summer.

make summer reading fun

8.  Independent Reading Time:  Set apart some time each evening for independent family reading. It’s great for kids to see Mom and Dad reading!  Turn the TV and electronics off and all should participate even if it’s just for 15 minutes.  Have books, magazines, and comics available.  My kids love National Geographic Kids!

9.  Reading Picnic:  Have a reading picnic!  Pack a basket and a blanket and don’t forget the book!

10. Rent Movies: Rent movies based on books your child has read.  Pop some popcorn and compare the book to the movie.  My kids enjoy Charlotte’s Web, Stellaluna, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Ramona and Beezus. My little guy enjoys watching animated storybooks on Youtube- such as Goodnight Gorilla. He also loves The Cat in the Hat live theater. (found on Netflix)

Enjoy reading with your family this summer!

Written by Jen