Carnival Pretend Play

“Let’s make our own carnival!”, B announced the other day. We spent the afternoon getting ready. This Carnival Pretend Play took longer to prepare than to actually play, but it was worth it. We made tickets, we decided on games, made signs for the games, and even gathered prizes for the games.
carnival pretend play
Game 1: Bean Bag Toss
Cost: 2 Tickets
Prize: Piece of Gum
carnival pretend play
Game 2: Knock Down the Tower
Cost: 1 Ticket
Prize: One M&M
carnival pretend play
Game 3: Wipeout (an obstacle course like the show)
Cost: 2 Tickets
Prize: Temporary Tattoo
carnival pretend play
Both kids really enjoyed planning and being in charge of the carnival.
So much fun (and learning too)!


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