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14 Month Old Learning Activities

14 Month Old Learning Activities
Our little G is 14 months old and learning and playing with him is just getting so fun!  If you have a little one, check out some of these 14 month old learning activities that are keeping little hands busy and learning over here!
Styrofoam Push
14 Month Old Learning Activities
I gave G a disk of styrofoam (Dollar Tree) and a golf tee (from his Papa’s golf bag and dulled from time and use).  He immediately went to work, pushing the tee into the foam and then pulling it out.
Over and over and over again!
Clip Play
14 Month Old Learning Activities
I picked up a pack of plastic clothespins at the Dollar Tree and we’ve been finding all sorts of way to incorporate them into our learning and playing.  One of G’s favorite things is when I clip them on bowls and he pulls them off and puts them inside the bowl.  When your tot gets older, he can clip them on himself, or even sort the clothespins by color.
14 Month Old Learning Activities
Cause and effect is BIG in your one year old’s development and what better way to help them form connections than with ripping and tearing?  Grab some old magazines and let him go crazy.  Just watch out that pieces don’t get eaten!
Discovery Bottles
14 Month Old Learning Activities
We love to create our toys over here, and what better way than with some small soda bottles (they’re the tiniest plastic ones you can buy) and household objects.  They’re fun to explore and even more fun to shake!  I fill ours with things like beads, pebbles, pompoms, bells, or rice.  Just seal the lid with a line of hot glue and you’re good to go!
14 Month Old Learning Activities
G is starting to discover the fun of coloring (again, cause and effect is huge; when your tot sees that an object can create something, it’s very exciting).  We bought some of the toddler crayons (like THESE from Crayola) but honestly, I think he prefers regular crayons (just like his big sister’s!).
Under supervision, crayons are a great way to entertain while dining out or waiting for a doctor and they’re easy to keep stashed in my diaper bag!
Altered Puzzles
14 Month Old Learning Activities
One of our favorite toys/learning tools are our puzzles, and especially the ones I’ve altered.
I take pictures (family pictures, magazine pictures of animals, even hand-drawn illustrations by M or me) and mod-podge them in the base of the puzzle.  Not only are puzzles fun by themselves, but adding in another learning element is super exciting!
Written by Jill

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