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Play Games with Tape

Play Games with Tape
My husband and I total DIY-ers so one thing that we always have around the house is painter’s tape (either the blue kind or the newer green Frog Tape).  Aside from M stacking the rings of tape, we love to use it and create some physical activities for M (5) and G (1). Here’s how we play games with tape.

Jump Your Name

This is a great one for kiddos learning to spell their name.
Place a line of tape down (our family room is carpeted so we use that, but it peels up nicely from hard surfaces too) and grab some index cards or die cuts.  Write the letters of their name, tape them down, and have your tot jump each letter of their name!
Some other varieties include having your little jumper find a letter that you call out, placing ALL the letters of the alphabet on the line, or having them call out letters as they jump on them!

Create a Pond

Admittedly, it’s a little tricky to make curvy lines with painter’s tape, but that doesn’t mean that your room can’t have a stream running through it!  We sectioned off a “creek” in our family room and put some laminated fish in the “water.”  Each fishy has a paper clip attached, making it fun for M to catch fish, right from our room!

Obstacle Course

It is Olympic season, so set up some “hurdles” or a balance beam for your tot to practice jumping over!

Race Track

Get wacky with your tape, draping it over pillows, under chairs, and even through baskets.  Then, dump out some toy cars or animals and let your tot race, parade, and zoom the objects around!
I will say that every time we get out the tape, M has a blast and G watches.  Then, G attacks it and works hard to peel it off the floor.  Hey, it’s fun for everyone!

Written by Jill