Fun Valentine’s Day Traditions

My oldest, M, is almost 6 and over the years we’ve developed some fun traditions that celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Here’s how we celebrate!
Painting Valentines
valentine's day traditions
I cut out lots of hearts from Crayola’s Model Magic and let it air dry over night, using a straw to poke a hole in each one.  Then, she sets to “work” painting (sometimes we even invite friends over to help!).  Once colorful and dry, we string ribbon through and write loved ones names on the back.  She loves handing these out to family and friends!
Valentine’s Surprise!
valentine's day traditions
Cupid visits us and always leaves small toys or snacks for both G and M.  They both LOVE to see what has been left!
Heart Attack
Valentine's Day Traditions
I use some doilies from the Dollar Tree and write characteristics we love about M on each one.  Then, we give her a “heart attack” by taping them on her door!  Sometimes I do it the night before Valentine’s Day and she finds it in the morning, or I’ll do one each night of February.  Both are super fun!
Stamps and Dough
Valentine's Day Traditions
I buy foam stamps from the craft store and then together, M and I make homemade play dough
Valentine's Day Traditions
We package the dough up in bags, attach some stamps and hand them out to her friends!  It is always a big hit!
Valentine's Day Traditions
And of course, a little sweet treat is always fun!  We love to have friends over to decorate cookies with gobs of frosting and heaps of sprinkles!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Written by Jill
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