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Whether you choose to do a color day or week with your little one, immersing them into the colors by creating a hands-on experience for them is a lot more fun than just giving them a coloring sheet. Don’t get me wrong, a coloring sheet has it’s place. (I actually included one for our orange day.. see below.)

Below are a some examples of both color tables and bins used to teach colors that I have created in the past.

learning colors
learning colors
learning colors
learning colors
learning colors
learning colors

What to include in color bins or on color tables:

pom poms
pieces of felt
small toys
foam shapes
pipe cleaners
small containers

Give your child time to explore, but have fun talking with them about the items as you stress the chosen color. For example, ask questions like “Can you find something green that hops?”  or “Can you count the green pom poms?

Other ways to play with color:

Paint with the same color
Toss around a ball or balloon
Play with Play-doh
Written by Jen

15 Ways to Explore Colors

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

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