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Sensory Fun in New Ways

Sensory Fun in New Ways
One of my favorite ways to play with my kiddos is through sensory play.  There are so many opportunities to learn through this type of play and it also gets me out of my comfort zone a little bit (prepare to get messy!).

Shaving Cream

shaving cream sensory play
Grab some cans of shaving cream at the dollar store and fill a container up.  Bury your hands in and wiggle those fingers!

Rainbow Rice

rice sensory play
Don’t you just want to touch this one?!  I pour rice in a Ziploc, add some rubbing alcohol and food coloring, and mix it all up.  I pour it out to dry on wax paper and it’s always ready to play a few hours later! Read more here about how to color rice.
rice sensory play

Cotton Balls and Fabric

fabric sensory play

If rice is a little messy, try filling a container with cotton balls, different textiles, or pompoms!


ice sensory play

The kids LOVE this one and it’s FREE!  I filled a plastic drawer with crushed ice and added measuring cups and pompoms.  It’s perfect for chilly, creative fun!

Finger Painting

sensory painting

G (22 months) loves when I tape construction paper to his highchair tray and squirt paint on it.  As much as he loves to paint with his fingers, he also loves when I give him new tools, such as toothbrushes, corks, and Q-tips.

Homemade Playdough

playdough sensory play
I make a huge batch of homemade playdough and provide a bowl of fun, found objects.  They love to push googly eyes, pebbles, and pipe cleaners through!
Written by Jill
Sensory Play

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