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Importance of Your Child Seeing His Name in Print

Your child’s name is often the first word that he will learn to recognize, read, and spell. It may even be the word that helps him make connections about letters making sounds and letters making words.

Usually, the first letter of his own name is what he identifies first. “N for Natalie! M for Mom! D for Dad!”. Once those sounds are learned, he can make connections to other words that start with those same sounds. “Hey nose starts with N just like Natalie starts with N!”

Vinyl Decal from

For those reasons (and also that it is a cool decoration) I’ve always had my children’s names displayed in a creative way in their bedroom. They can see the letters of their name daily, we use them to sing our name song, and it also makes their room a special place of their own.

An easy way to display your child’s name is with a vinyl decal. I got mine (above) from where you can even upload custom designs or have their designers help you for FREE! So cool!

She loves that her N has a crown! She is really into princesses right now so it grabs her attention.

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Karen Carmody

Sunday 5th of May 2013

I would write my girls' names on any art that they did for me and spell it out loud as I did it. When Heather was about 3 years old, she was out with her grandparents. My mom called and said, "Did you know Heather can spell her name?" I had no idea because she had never done it for me but she did it for her grandmother.