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Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day is coming up so we did some fun, themed Memorial Day Activities to teach the meaning behind the day!
Memorial Day Activities
I printed THIS page out from Making Learning Fun and paired it with some dot stickers.  This would also be fun with dot stampers, but I thought I’d up the fine motor learning!  Peel the sticker and place on the flag!
Memorial Day Activities
Have your tot make a flag!  Depending on his level of development, he may be able to cut his own shapes out.  Otherwise, provide white paper, a square of blue, and strips of red.
Memorial Day Activities
I let my little G (2 years old) make his own “stars” with a white out dabber.  Easy and fun and what a great way to teach patterning!
memorial day activities
 And speaking of patterning, I broke out my star puncher and cut some strips of paper.  Let your little one make pattern strips, doing AB patterns to start and ABBA or ABC patterns as they progress!
Written by Jill



Thursday 23rd of May 2013

Great ideas!! I never thought to bring out my star puncher. You gave me a great idea :)