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Kids’ Activities with Groceries

Kids’ Activities with Groceries

Whether we like it or not, grocery shopping is a must. So we might as well use it to our advantage and sneak in a little learning with these Kids’ Activities with Groceries.


Kids' activities with groceries

I consider it a bonus when the kids help me unpack or put away groceries. On this particular day, we were in a hurry to get things put away so we could get to a play date which added extra incentive for N to help me get it done quickly. This was the perfect opportunity for SORTING!

  • “As you unpack the bags, will you put the things that go in the pantry over here and the items that go in the fridge over here?”
  • “Set all of the things that go upstairs over here.”

This real life sorting experience helps her learn to categorize as well as other important early math skills!

Kids' Activities with Groceries

Grocery Matching

Save the front and back of food packages and turn them into a matching activity. This is a lot harder than you might think and your kids will need to use critical thinking skills to get the job done!

Kids' Activities with Groceries

Letter Sounds

Sort the groceries by beginning letter sound. We found all of the groceries that started with /b/ and put them in a pile (pictured).

Kids' Activities with Groceries

Or label the groceries with sticky notes. B came up with this idea and although the groceries took awhile to get put away, he sure did have a lot of fun exploring and learning. Notice how he labeled the Fiber One bars with a “B” because he calls them bars.

Christy Garrett Parenting Tips

Saturday 29th of March 2014

Great ideas. I used to have my kids help me put up the groceries but never thought of adding additional games. Thank you for sharing.