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Hands On Spelling

Hands On Spelling
I have a six year old that is about to be off on Summer vacation.  I don’t want her skills to slip. Here are three, fun hands on spelling activities to keep your spelling on point!
Spelling Words with Stencils
Stencil writing is SO fun.  I found some stencils at Hobby Lobby, but in cleaning out the junk drawer later, I found even more!  The kiddo learns to hold down the stencil and trace the letter.  Using marker or crayon to color in the letters afterward solidifies the spelling even more!
Spelling words with magnets
I love magnetic letters and my kids love spelling on cookie sheets ($1 at the Dollar Tree).  I keep all my magnetic letters in plastic organizers at home, and keeping them all properly sorted is an activity in itself!  But, it’s also fun to have them spell the words.  Then, have them close their eyes and remove some letters.  Have them find, and correct, the mistakes.  Or, after they’ve spelled the words, have them dissect by making two piles: vowels and consonants!
Spelling words with pipe cleaners
Do you have a tactile learner?  Grab a pack of pipe cleaners the time time you’re at the Target dollar spot and let your little learner SPELL!  This is a great way to get early learners actively engaged with letters and what they should look like (straight lines, curvy lines, fluid motion, ect).
Spelling can be FUN and finding exciting ways to get your kids involved will increase their interest level!
Written by Jill