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Writing Books with Preschoolers

Writing Books with Preschoolers

Writing Books with Your Preschooler

 Helping your preschooler develop a love for reading and writing is so important.

Simply reading a book each day to your child will help him develop a love of reading and storytelling.

Encouraging your child see himself as an author is just as simple!

preschool reading and writing

Writing Books with Preschoolers

I often staple scraps of paper together (of various sizes) to make blank books for the kids. I leave them next to their craft supplies as a fun surprise.

Writing with Preschoolers

B (7 years old) loves writing and illustrating his own books and so naturally N (4.5 years old) likes to give it a try too.

Publishing Books with Your Preschooler

The other day she came up to me with a book and had taken a lot of time to draw a picture on each page.

“Look at the book I made, Mom!” she said. I asked her to share it with me and she turned each page explaining what she had created.

Supporting Preschool Readers and Writers

“Let me know if you want me to write down the words to your story.” I told her.

Writing Books with Your Child

 So we went page by page and I wrote down exactly what she told me to.

Sometimes it is simple sentences and other times it is a more complex story. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t.

Developing Preschool Writing Skills


She even gave it a try on her own. This says something about a cupcake on wheels.

“Can you believe you are only 4 and YOU are an AUTHOR and an ILLUSTRATOR?”

She was so proud of herself and has told everyone she can that she is an author AND and illustrator.

She knows what she asked me to write so it makes it very easy to “read” back to us and gain confidence along the way!

She has continued to make books. Sometimes she wants me to add her words and sometimes she doesn’t. Either way they are her creations and she is building a love for writing, reading, and drawing with a very simple activity.