Alphabetizing with Beanie Boos

Learning with Beanie Boos

So much fun and learning can happen with Beanie Boos! We’ve worked on graphing with beanie boos and now we are working on alphabetizing with Beanie Boos. It is an easy way to let children physically move objects around, to correctly place them in ABC order.

alphabetizing with beanie boos

Gather all Beanie Boos in a pile. Use as many as your learner is ready for – you can start with a small pile and then add more once they are comfortable with the skill.

Look the their paper Ty tag to find each Beanie Boo’s name (it can also be found on the fabric tag if they paper tag has been removed).

alphabetizing with beanie boos

Using an alphabet strip, match the Beanie Boo, with it’s beginning letter, and form a “line” of Beanie Boo’s, starting with A and ending with Z.

alphabetizing with beanie boos

Check off each letter of the alphabet as you go, making sure you haven’t skipped any letters. You will end up with a line of Beanie Boo’s in ABC order! This also works great to teach alphabetizing to the second and third letters, depending on their names. Ex: Slush, Stripes, Swoosh

alphabetizing with beanie boos

While we had them in ABC order, I had my oldest daughter (8) type their names in a word document, to practice basic typing skills. I printed a few copies, sent the list to the grandparents, and kept a copy my purse – in case I’m ever out shopping and see a good deal, but can’t remember which ones we already have!

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