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Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

There are so many ways you can learn with these foam Easter eggs that can be found at craft stores before or after Easter.

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs-287x300

Counting with Easter Eggs for Toddlers and Preschoolers- Match the numeral to the amount of stickers used to decorate the egg.

4 Ways to Learn with Foam Easter Eggs for Older Children – compound words, numbers and counting, alphabetical order, and rhyming words

Silly Sentences Using Foam Eggs

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

These eggs were precut into thirds, which made it perfect to create a sentence building game, focusing on nouns, verbs, and prepositional phrases.

First, separate all the eggs into pieces – tops, middles, and bottoms. I had a large pack of about 24 eggs.

After teaching that nouns are “naming parts,” verbs are the “action part” and prepositional phrases can help “stretch the sentence to add more detail, we brainstormed a list before choosing what to write on the egg pieces. Then it was time to create the game! Using a Sharpie, I wrote the following on the egg pieces, using the ideas from our list.

  • Top of the egg = nouns
  • Middle of the egg = verb or verb phrase
  • Bottom on the egg = prepositional phrase (which we just called “sentence stretcher”)

*Be sure to start your nouns with a capital letter since they will be the beginning of the sentence, and end the prepositional phrase with punctuation, since it will end the sentence.

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

Using three, 1 gallon sized Ziploc bags, label the bags, nouns, verbs, sentence stretchers, (or prepositional phrases) and fill the bags with the corresponding pieces. Next, pull 1 piece from each bag and assemble the egg to create a silly sentence. Not all sentences will be grammatically correct (you can discuss how you can make those changes), but my kids absolutely LOVED this game and continued to play this over and over again. We ended up purchasing more foam eggs to add more pieces to our original game.

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

After creating the eggs, you can write them down and practice reading them to each other. Loads of fun, and lots of laughs with these silly sentences!!

Written by Anne