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Fun Origami Projects for Kids

Fun Origami Projects for Kids

Remember when we were younger and used to make cootie catchers or fortune tellers? We were doing origami and didn’t even know it. Origami for kids is a great way to enhance creative thinking, strengthen fine motor skills, and follow step by step instructions.

Although these origami instructions are for older kids to follow, the paper sculptures can be made for children of all ages to play with or it can be a skill they learn from watching you over and over again. Origami is a creative way of turning a piece of paper into something else like an animal, bookmark, or an insect. Did you know that scientists and artists also use origami to create models and art? We know the skill of origami can be challenging, but with determination and perseverance you can do it!

Origami Paper

What kind of paper do you need for origami? You can use regular printer paper or construction paper for these kids projects. Turn it into a square piece of paper before starting by folding the top right corner down to the left edge of the paper. Crease the fold and cut off the rectangle that is at the bottom. Unfold the paper and you will have a square. 

You can also buy sheets of origami paper (affiliate link) in different colors from Amazon that some think is easier to fold and work with because of the thickness.

History of Origami 

(Excerpt from my book, Adventure Girls)

Origami is the art of paper folding. It started in China when paper was invented and then became popular in Japan in the seventeenth century. Paper was a luxury back then and not a lot of people had it, so origami was usually used to make things for good luck or for celebrations like weddings. 

This FREE printable includes 9 insect origami instructions! 

  • ladybug
  • butterfly
  • snail
  • cicada
  • bee
  • dragonfly
  • mantis
  • scorpion
  • spider

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to learn how to make the insect first using the tutorial and then teach your child step by step. 

Download the FREE Insect Origami for Kids Book Now


Origami Animals

Origami animals are a popular place to start. Learn how to create them and then teach a friend how to make one too!

Origami Dog from Origami Guide – Easy instructions to make an adorable dog in any color that is special to you! This SIMPLE project just takes a few folds. 

Origami Rabbit from Tinker Lab – Kids will love this SIMPLE project! Not just for Easter time.

Shark Cootie Catchers from Easy Peasy and Fun – This cootie catcher printable has fold lines on it to make it easier for kids. 

Origami Cat from Fat Mum Slim – Love this super cute cat project and it is EASY to make!

Origami Frog from It’s Always Autumn – So much fun to hop these frogs around when you are done making them. Have a frog race and see who can get to the finish line first.  

Origami Penguin from Red Ted Art – Adorable to create and EASY to follow! Goes great with the book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Origami Dinosaurs from Girays Crafts – A video tutorial to follow that is perfect for your dinosaur lover!

Origami Bunny from Fun Activities at Home – In a few SIMPLE steps, you can make an adorable bunny for yourself or a friend.

Origami Shark from Hawaii Travel with Kids – Your shark lover will think this EASY origami project is super cool.


More Easy Origami Projects

From fortune tellers and crowns to boats and flowers, kids will love creating origami and it is great for their brain!

Origami Hearts from That Kids Craft Site.  Not only is this one of the SIMPLEST origami to start with, but it’s also great for Valentine’s Day gift to classmates or to decorate cards with. 

Fortune Tellers from Apartment Therapy – Simple instruction to follow and then teach others. 

Origami Shirt from Welcome to Nanas – Could be used as a Father’s Day card! Write a note on the inside and then fold. 

Origami Crown from My First Origami – Love that this can be used for pretend play! 

Origami Mermaid from Pink Stripey Socks – Perfect for your princess and mermaid fan. This project can be a little bit challenging because it requires using multiple pieces of paper. 

Origami Houses from Craft Ideas – Learn how to make a SIMPLE origami house in a few simple folds. As a class you could turn this into an art project of your neighborhood or town. 

Origami Puppet from Origami Fun – I love that this can become any animal or person you want it to be depending on how you decorate it. 

Origami Tulips from Easy Peasy and Fun – Great for Spring time and Mother’s Day. For younger children, have them just construct the flower part of the tulip and older children can add the stem if they want (which is more complicated).

Origami Beautiful Butterfly from Made in Crafts – Beautiful for any time of the year and includes a video to walk you through the instructions.

Origami Ninja Stars from The Purple Yarn – Remember making these when you were in school? Pictures take you step by step through the process of making it. 

Origami Boat from Satsuma Designs – Super cool design! Includes a video of the steps to making it. 

Origami Christmas tree from Red Ted Art – An EASY craft to decorate your home with during the Christmas season! 


We know these are the best origami projects for kids. While some are easier to try first and others are more challenging, they all can be tackled by your child and their friends. Give them as gifts, make them to go on cards, or create them to decorate your room with. Which one will you try first?