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Fun Rainbow Crafts for Preschoolers

Fun Rainbow Crafts for Preschoolers
St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Ready to get crafty with your preschooler? Here are some St. Patrick’s Day Crafts that your child will love! These preschool rainbow crafts are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages!

rainbow crafts for preschoolers


I laid out some washable paints and M stamped her hand (over and over and over again!) to make a handprint rainbow. We all know handprints are one of my favorite things. That’s why this craft is one of my favorites. 

rainbow crafts for preschoolers
Then we worked together to cut out some pots of gold! This was a colorful addition to her bedroom. Make one with the whole family. Wouldn’t it be cool to start with the biggest hands of the family in red and work your way down to the smallest hand? It’s a great way to create a wonderful keepsake.
This is part science and part craft, but this fun activity is so fun to observe. The chemical reaction of growing rainbow colors on the colorful pipe cleaners will start within two hours and keeps going for up to 24 hours. Older kids can help more with the set up and younger kids can do more observing. After trying this experiment with a rainbow shape, try other shapes too like four leaf clovers, hearts, or even letters of your name. 


What fun rainbow crafts from Crafty Morning. I’ve never thought of making paper crafts 3D before and this is an easy way to get started with that. It is great for color recognition and if your child is ready to be exposed to color words you can add the word on each strip of paper. Add pom poms or cotton balls to the white construction paper to make a fluffy cloud. It’s such a cool idea to add real pennies to the craft. This is a great time to introduce the name of a penny and how much it is worth. 


Easy Crafts



I love paper plate crafts because I always have paper plate on hand and they are thick so they hold paint and other heavy craft items well. Make beautiful rainbows with this paper plate craft from Arty Crafty Kids. This easy paper plate rainbow craft allows you to make your own rainbow even on a rainy day. Wouldn’t these brighten up a kids craft room? 



How about a bubble wrap rainbow craft from I Heart Crafty Things! I think bubble wrap prints have such a cool texture to them. Paint the colors of the rainbow on bubble wrap and then print with your piece of paper. Cut out clouds or a pot of gold for the ends of the rainbow. Have your child write their name on one of the clouds. 



Another craft integrating science from Little Bins for Little Hands. This simple rainbow craft uses glue sticks, markers, and coffee filters. An experiment that can be done over and over again! I think kids will love watching how the colors blend together and even bleed and mix a little. 



This rainbow craft idea can be used any time of the year. These rainbow candle holders from Red Ted Art use different color tissue paper. There are so many possibilities and fun ideas to customize this craft. A great gift for a special friend too! 



Make a Lego rainbow like they did at Kids Activities Blog. It’s like a rainbow mosaic and would make a great photograph to frame and hang in a child’s bedroom. I always take pictures of crafts and projects that can’t be saved. 



Another easy rainbow craft that I love from Easy Peasy and Fun! This craft is great for strengthening fine motor skills as kids cut the strips of paper to glue behind the cloud. It would be cool to use craft scissors that have different designs. You can also use rainbow popsicle sticks instead of pieces of paper, but I like the way the strips of paper move in the breeze. 


More Rainbow Crafts

Construction Paper Rainbow Craft from Active Littles – I like this one because it includes a size discrimination challenge in the craft. 

Paper Mosaic Rainbow Craft from Live Well Play Together – This craft looks so inviting! I love the way they set it up. 

Rainbow Stained Glass from Mom Brite – A great craft for getting creative!

A Rainbow Mobile from B-Inspired Mama – This is a cool craft! Kids will strengthen fine motor skills as they lace the colored noodles and glue the cotton balls. 

The Rainbow Fish Activities and Crafts for Preschoolers – Do you love this book? We do too! Check out our crafts and activities we do after we read the book to extend it. 

Yarn Wrapped Rainbow Craft from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games – The thing I like the most about this craft is that kids of all ages will have success wrapping the yarn. It is great for wrist rotation too which is important for holding a pencil and writing. 

Rainbow Q-tip Art from Fun with Mama – She has a printable to get you started. Painting with q-tips is fun and great for developing the pincer grasp. Plus it’s always fun to paint with something besides a paint brush. 


We hope you love these great ideas as much as we do. Rainbows just make the best spring crafts!




pink and green mama MaryLea

Friday 8th of March 2013

Rainbows, Paint, and Tiny Handprints = LOVE! You have SO MANY adorable St. Patty projects here too -- keep them coming. I really LOVE the felt shamrock game and the story starters - so clever.Thank you so much for sharing on my Linky Party today!

Warmly,MaryLea (pink and green mama)


Monday 4th of March 2013

I made a similar rainbow in a Kindergarten class and each of the students contributed. It looked so colorful in their classroom on the wall. Cute idea to add the pots of gold for St. Patrick's Day.