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Super Mario Pattern Block Mats (free)

Super Mario Pattern Block Mats (free)

Pattern blocks are a great way to explore math skills such shapes and spatial awareness. They are fun for kids of all ages. These FREE Super Mario pattern block mats are perfect for a small group or to put in Math centers.


If you don’t have pattern blocks, we recommend this pattern block set from Amazon (affiliate link).

You can cover pattern block mats with the actual pattern blocks because the outline of the different shapes is the actual size of the blocks. You can also use the Super Mario pattern block mats as a guide to build the different shapes alongside the mats.

They can be used with kids of all ages in different ways. Little learners may want to start with the yellow hexagon and then fill in the shapes around it. Kindergarten students may start at the top and work their way down.


The black and white versions of this puzzle encourage children to really look at and identify the shapes they need instead of matching the colors. Fine motor skills are being strengthened as the pieces are fit perfectly together.


Sort and Count

After your child or student puts together the pattern blocks to make the Super Mario character or design, challenge them to sort and count how many of each shape they used.


Super Mario Dice Game

  1. Turn the pattern block mats into a dice game.
  2. Write a number next to each block on the chart (shown above).
  3. Roll the die and use the chart to find which block you rolled. Add that block to the design.
  4. Keep rolling. If you roll a number for a block that you don’t need, roll again.
  5. Roll and add blocks until your design is complete.


Pattern Block Challenges

After you have used the pattern block templates to design Super Mario themed things, now try using the shapes in an open ended challenge. Give these challenges a try.

  • Can you use the pattern blocks to create a brand new flower for Super Mario World?
  • Use the pattern blocks to make a tricky sequence that Mario would have to run and jump through.
  • Create a new creature that Mario or Luigi would need to watch out for. Does it have fire? Is it pokey?
  • Make a treasure that Bowser is guarding.
  • Design a crown for Princess Pea.
  • Can you use the pattern blocks to make an underwater creature that Mario should make sure to avoid?
  • Make a new power up that automatically gets Mario to the end of the level if he collects it.


Super Mario Writing Prompts

Have your child or students use their love of Super Mario to write a story. Younger children who aren’t fluent writers yet can dictate a story to you and you write it down.

  • Use the pattern blocks to illustrate your story by taking pictures or draw the illustrations to complete your story.
  • It was a sunny day and Mario was out for a walk. He jumped down a tube and you will never believe what he saw.
  • Fire ball after fire ball approached Mario. He jumped over each one. Where were these coming from? Then, he looked up and saw the problem.
  • This Mario world felt like it was taking so long. Mario was tired. If only he had something to fly him to the end. Just then….
  • He did it! Mario reached the princess. “You are safe!” said Mario. Princess Pea replied….



Download and Print the Super Mario Pattern Block Mats

Whether your child or student is building on or next to the pattern block mat, turning it into a dice game, or trying one of the Super Mario pattern block challenges, your Super Mario fan is about to have a lot of fun learning!