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Lego STEM Activities for Young Engineers

Lego STEM Activities for Young Engineers

Do you have a Lego lover at your house or have a ton of Lego bricks on hand? If so, these Lego STEM activities are for you! I love these new ways that you can use Legos. Kids of all ages will have a lot of fun designing simple machines and tackling these Lego engineering challenges.

What is STEM Education?

The short description is that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education.  It is a hands-on way of exploring different science and math concepts while solving problems. STEM education promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and thinking outside of the box. 

Lego STEM Challenges

 Windmill STEM Challenge from Steam Powered Family is such a cool investigation of wind power. Using the wind to help make work easier is at the root of this challenge. Using Lego pieces to build an elevator that can be lifted by a windmill is a great way to use Legos to experiment. 

 LEGO Coding Activities for Kids from Little Bins for Little Hands is a look into binary code. Using Legos to explore codes is such a fun activity. 

This LEGO Zip Line from Little Bins for Little Hands is an awesome way to explore speed and angles. They also have a Lego Volcano activity and a Lego Maze that both look like so much fun.

 LEGO Ice Rescue from The Science Kiddo doesn’t use Lego bricks, but it uses a Lego shaped mold to conduct a cool science experiment. This experiment is a great way to focus on the freezing point and the how salt and water react. 



Build a LEGO Balloon Powered Car from Teach Beside Me. This challenge is a fun way to experiment with wind power. It will provide hours of fun racing cars. 

Make a LEGO Duplo Paint Machine from Stir The Wonder. They show you piece by piece how to create it. Making your own painting machine is so cool.

Three Pigs LEGO STEM Engineering from JDaniel4’s Mom is a fun way to extend this popular story. Using specific criteria to build each house is quite a challenge. Having your house fit the pigs and not get blown down by the Big Bad Wolf is a great activity for children of all ages. 

Learn How to Build a LEGO Balance Scale from Mombrite is a fun thing to challenge kids. Then using the scale to compare different weights is the perfect way to end this STEM challenge. 



Learn how to build a LEGO Glyph STEM from Inspiration Laboratories. A glyph is an image that represents other things, kind of like a code. Each color and shape represents something different. 

Turn Lego Cars into Doodle Cars from Adventure In A Box. Using Legos and a wheel and axle to make art is a powerful experience. 

Create Coffee Filter LEGO Parachutes from Hunny I’m Home DIY. Have races with the Lego men from high places. 

How To Build a DIY Fidget Spinner from Creative Green Living is so cool! Fidget spinners are still a great time and now you can create one with Legos. 


Build a fidget cube from Lemon Lime Adventures. They give you a great example of how to build it piece by piece with step-by-step instructions. 

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls shows you how to make these awesome Lego spinning tops. I love experimenting with tops. How long can yours spin? For extra fun, test out how they spin on different surfaces such as cardboard, tile, aluminum foil, etc. 

Make a Lego Wrecking Ball from The Lego Librarian. I know a lot of kids that would love to build this and then use it to knock down towers. 

Make a Lego Catapult like they did at Little Bins for Little Hands. It is so much fun to launch different things and see how far they can go.


So which one of these lego activities are you going to try first?