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Grocery Store Learning Activities

Shopping with kids isn’t my all time favorite thing to do. But if I must, you bet that I’m going to sneak in some learning fun for all. Here are my favorite Grocery Store Learning Activities.  TODDLER/PRESCHOOL My favorite section of the grocery store to teach my toddler in is the produce section.  There are so many …

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What Goes Together?

This What Goest Together idea from Monkeyin Around is awesome! Collect a group of objects and have your child match the items that go together. I love how fast this was to put together and how effective it was. It was great for vocabulary development when I asked B WHY two items go together.

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Sorting Bottle Tops

Last week I featured a few activities that you can do with bottle tops. I wanted to include this sorting bottle tops activity too because it is great for vocabulary! I had B sort the tops into 3 piles (small, medium, and large). It was neat to see him figure out which pile they should go …

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Baby Activity – Simple Parts of the Face Puzzle

You can use this simple parts of the face puzzle to introduce or reinforce parts of the face vocabulary and/or to keep little hands busy while traveling. Materials: 2 identical pictures of your child (face shots) velcro Take a picture of your child’s face (5×7 or 8×10) and laminate it on poster board, a file …

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