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Sorting Bottle Tops

Last week I featured a few activities that you can do with bottle tops. I wanted to include this sorting bottle tops activity too because it is great for vocabulary!
sorting bottle tops

I had B sort the tops into 3 piles (small, medium, and large). It was neat to see him figure out which pile they should go in because the tops varied in size. I made sure to model the following words as we were talking about the tops and piles of tops: small, medium, large, big, bigger, biggest, smaller, and larger.

Another Variation:
Put a pile of bottle tops down and ask your child to sort them, but don’t tell them what characteristic to sort them by.  If your child needs more guidance, try not to tell them what to do. Instead ask, “How could you sort them?”. It is interesting to see if they sort them by size, color, texture, or design. After sorting the tops one way, suggest another way to sort them.