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Making and Using a Daily Schedule

How young is too young for making and using a daily schedule? Here’s a peek at our experience at 20 months old using a picture schedule.
making and using a daily schedule

18 months – 4 years
Talking about daily events with your child will help expose them to words like “First, Next, Then, Last” and the concept of sequencing.

You could accomplish the same thing just by taking about or drawing a picture about your day but I decided to make a schedule that I could reuse each day.

First, I made a list of common things that we do everyday (get dressed, eat breakfast, play, go to the store, bath time, etc.). Then, for a few days I took pictures of B doing these things. I attached the pictures to pieces of card stock and labeled them. I used a pocket chart (you can find these online, Oriental Trading Co., or at a local teachers store), but you could also use cardboard with Velcro, tape them right to a door, or come up with your own system.

The Activity Mom’s Experience:

B loved that the pictures were of him doing these activities and it made him instantly interested in the schedule.

I struggled with what the best way was to use the schedule. I tried putting all of the events on and then having him take them off as we did them, but then he wanted to do the end of the day events at the wrong time. One time he wanted to drink more milk and instead of going on and on about how he just had some and to drink water instead I told him “Oh we can’t anymore right now, it’s not on the schedule.” I thought that was the most brilliant thing to say until he found the drink milk card at the end of the schedule and brought it over and said “Yes Mom, drink milk is on the schedule”. Then we tried to put them on as we went through our day but then that didn’t allow us to talk about what we were going to do next.

Overall, I think B was too young for this activity at the time (20 months). He did have fun playing with and organizing the cards in the pocket chart and he liked to talk about the pictures. I’m going to put this aside for now and take it out again in a few months.

Mom with the best job in the world!

Saturday 26th of September 2009

I have made a similar schedule in pictures for my 3 year old. He was waking up and wanting to go outside right away. I needed a little time to wake up and prepare for the day. The "what comes next' schedule.I thought it was a great idea but pooped out when it came time to do it cause I found I never had enough pictures and I was too lazy to keep going back to the schedule - I was also afraid little sister would destroy it if it was at childs eyes level.After seeing you do this too. Maybe I will try it again - especially since winter is coming and we will be indoors more.