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Responsibility Charts

Responsibility Charts

Having a struggle with your toddler at bedtime or getting them to brush their teeth? Responsibility charts are for you! Super simple, DIY responsibility charts using stickers will help your schedule.

responsibility charts

Materials: Cardstock, Stickers

When B was about 15 months old, I needed some sort of incentive to get him to brush his teeth, get his clothes on, etc. without a battle. So I printed out a chart with his favorite characters on it and let him put a sticker on it after he completed his “job”. That chart would work for about a month and then I would print a new one and switch the characters or the stickers to keep his interest.

responsibility charts

Now that B is two, I made a potty chart and a toothbrush chart so he can put one sticker on each image. This helps with his understanding of one to one correspondence. When the chart gets filled up, he gets to pick from the prize box (yours could be extra time outside, going to the park, lunch with dad, etc.). I started small so that he could reach his goal frequently and not get frustrated before he saw the big prize.

This is worth a try for anything you are trying to make easier on yourself as a parent. I’m sure there is a certain age where the excitement of a sticker wears off, but I haven’t reached it yet.


Wednesday 3rd of June 2009

Wecome to the blogosphere! (It appears you started blogging in April.)

Your blog is very pretty and already so full of neat crafts and other terrific ideas! Thanks for sharing!