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Printable Elf Color by Number

Printable Elf Color by Number
Day 16 of the Activity Advent Calendar – Elf Color by Number
elf color by number

Christmas Elf Color by Number Printable
This was another simple and quick activity (which I’m really enjoying right now with all of the other holiday things going on).
I think it is so funny that B JUST colors on the numbers. To be honest, B’s favorite part seems to be taking the card out of the calendar in the morning and reading it. He has kept all of the cards and reads through them and sorts them. He also likes showing his dad the completed project when he gets home, but the actual activity doesn’t seem to be the highlight.


Thursday 17th of December 2009

That is cute how he only likes to colour on the actual number. Dady must look forward to coming home to a new and creative project every day.

We will certainly be keeping any styrofoam packaging and boxes after presents are opened on Christmas day. We are going to need some new inspiration for creating and crafting and these sorts of objects will be perfect.


Thursday 17th of December 2009

So cute how he only colored the numbers! My oldest didn't like to color much when she was a preschooler. She prefered to color on blank paper, so when her teacher would give her a coloring page, she would scribble on the whole page. Now my 2nd child- she was so meticulous with her coloring in preschool. Funny how different two children can be.

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