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Interview Your Child

Take time today to Interview Your Child (found on Giggles Galore). Asking these questions could be a tradition you do with each of your children at the beginning of every new year or on their birthday. Click on the link above to visit Giggles Galore to view some sample questions.
interview your child
Happy 2010!
Because B is still so young and changing constantly, I’ve been interviewing him every 6 months and typing up the questions and his answers. I’m not sure how I’m going to turn these into a keepsake but I know his answers are priceless! Sometimes they don’t even make sense but I know the interviews will help me remember and cherish that year/age.

I’ve also interviewed B about a special person (a grandparent) and made those questions and answers into a special gift from him.


Sunday 3rd of January 2010

Thanks so much for referencing this great idea! I did it tonight with my crew--modified it slightly and created a pdf to share on my site.

I hope it's okay that I linked back to you!

Cheers, and Happy 2010!


Saturday 2nd of January 2010

I love this idea. I interviewed juliet for a christmas present for ben this year and her answers were too funny. thanks for this site!


Friday 1st of January 2010

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is kind to you and brings you the best of everything.

Interviews are so much fun. The unexpected responses and sometimes the way my three year old thinks about an answer and then comes out with a really obscure (in our minds) response makes us all laugh. We have recently started birthday interviews and we also wrote a list poem about Christmas (which was almost like an interview bwecause I asked a few questions to prompt Savvy).

Thank you for re-capping some of your 2009 posts. I had forgotten about the magic rocks, I will certainly be using this great idea in 2010.