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Brown Bag Mystery – Letters

Brown Bag Mystery – Letters
Try this Mystery Letters activity with your Preschooler or Kindergartener. They will use what characteristics they know about the letters to pick out the right one.
mystery letters game

I had B pick out 3 Melissa and Doug magnetic letters and we put them into a brown paper bag. I asked him if he could reach his arm in and pick out the letter E without looking. To find it without looking, they really have to know and feel for the different characteristics of a letter.

He did it once without looking but then he refused to do it unless he could look. I stopped myself from fussing with him about it because I realized who cares if he is looking. The real goal is to have fun while identifying letters.

You could also do this activity with:
or small toys.

No matter what is in the bag, they are following directions and thinking or looking for different characteristics.

What I would do different next time:
*Pick out the letters myself – I would start by using letters that have distinct characteristics like a T, O, and B for example. I think the M and the E were too similar for the first time with this activity.
*I would have worded the directions differently – Instead of saying “See if you can find the letter M.” I would say “Use your fingers to find the letter M without looking.”
*I would start with something simpler like shapes or small toys to introduce the activity before jumping in with the letters.


Monday 15th of February 2010

What a super idea. I think we will try something like this! Sweet Pea would love it.


Saturday 6th of February 2010

What a great activity for letter recognition. I like that this is versatile and you could use it for shapes, numbers etc. The tips for what you would do differently are excellent.

I would be delighted if you were to feature the texture cards I made. Feel free to use the photo as well. When Savvy was little I also made a texture jigsaw puzzle which she really liked. I need to make some more textured things as Blake seems to also enjoy these experiences.

The link for the textured jigsaw puzzles is:


Friday 5th of February 2010

I love that you share what you'd do differently next time... it's a big help to those of us following in your footsteps! We haven't done letters but we've played this game with small objects lots of times.


Friday 5th of February 2010

i tried this with my kids--we used toys that they had picked out! i put them one at a time into a pillowcase and they had to reach in and guess which toy it was! they couldn't do it! i was totally shocked! they are 6 and 3! i thought it would be soooo easy, especially since they picked the toys! but they were guessing things they hadn't even picked! but, they did say it was fun!