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Apple Rhyme

Apple Rhyme
Try this Apply Rhyme with your baby, toddler, or preschooler. Great counting practice and language development!
Apple Rhyme


Five Little Apples

Five little apples lying on the floor. (show five fingers)
One rolls away, and then that leaves four. (make rolling motion with hands)

Four little apples hanging on the tree. (show four fingers)
I’ll pick one, and that leaves three. (raise arm for picking motion)

Three little apples, I know what to do! (show three fingers)
I’ll put one in my pocket, and that leaves two. (point to pocket)

Two little apples sitting in the sun. (show two fingers)
I’ll pick one up, and that leaves one. (bend down and pretend to pick up apple)

One little apple waiting in my lunch. (show one finger)
I’ll eat it up with a crunch, crunch, crunch! (pretend to eat)


Monday 30th of August 2010

Thanks for the great share! Truly I have never seen this before. Nice!

Jackie H.

Monday 30th of August 2010

Great for fall! I've never seen this one.


Monday 30th of August 2010

Also loving it and grateful that you shared.Blessings.

Elle Belles Bows

Saturday 28th of August 2010

Love it! Thanks for sharing! Kerri