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Travel Activities

Happy Kids = Happy Traveling!
Here are a few simple activity ideas to make your holiday traveling easier.
(Note: Starting Monday, a week’s worth of simple, verbal car game ideas!)
*Drop small erasers (from Dollar Store) into a water bottle. Shake them, dump them out, or practice twisting off the top.

*Cut a slit into the lid of a small baby food container and drop cleaned pennies into the container like a bank. Count the pennies, shake them, practice taking the lid on and off.
*Fill a coupon file folder with random pictures cut from magazines. Pull them out, name them, put them back in. Bring tape and stick them in a notebook. This is a fun vocabulary activity. Line up pictures and ask your child to point to a certain one.
*Fill a small notebook with random stickers (the freedom of this activity and the amount of time it takes is the beauty of it!)
*Aquadoodle travel pages are fun and not messy!
*Make a simple, Parts of the Face Puzzle to take with you.

*Cover a file folder with felt for a mini felt board. Cut shapes or Christmas trees or turkeys from felt to use on the board.
*Buy two sets of matching stickers. Arrange one set in a notebook and have your child match the second set.
*Candy – Sort it by color, count it, eat it!
*Sticky Notes and a Pen – yes the sticky notes will be stuck everywhere and you will waste a whole pack but it is worth the time spent and the fun that will be had!
*Cover any page with contact paper and take a dry erase pen. It’s fun to erase it with a kleenex.
*Make a button snake to take with you.
*Printable Car Bingo


Sunday 21st of November 2010

great ideas.

I made a travel book for my son and its been great in the car and home. I found blackboard and dry erase stick on 8x11 pages at tj maxx and they were great. I also found putting everything in clear plastic sleeves helped keep it organized (though don't put crayons in or it inevitably is turned upside down and they are all over). also, envelopes...for some reasons my son loves these...more than postits and since they are bit thicker if he's not leaning on anything or on something soft, they are easier to write on.


Sunday 21st of November 2010

Thanks for sharing! We're talking a loooong trip for Christmas...I'm looking forward to your ideas next week.

Elle Belles Bows

Sunday 21st of November 2010

Thanks for sharing the Parts of The Face Puzzle! We are not traveling but can use it at home! Kerri


Saturday 20th of November 2010

Great ideas Nicole- thanks so much for the suggestions. We will have to skip some ofthe noisy ones on the plane- but many are very quiet- and I am jotting them down!!

Great resource!! Thanks:)

JDaniel4's Mom

Saturday 20th of November 2010

We have a road trip on Wednesday. I will need to pack some of these.