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Bean Bag Toss

I cut a hole in a box and challenged B to a game of bean bag toss. The person to get the most bean bags in the box wins.
bean bag toss
I was more excited about the game than he was. This is a fun game to try if you have a box and bean bags on hand.


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

hose r super cute! well mothers like me that rnt as crafty lol but i did find that the mini cornhole board or bag toss boards what ever ur flavor is r great for the kids. i bought the mini corn hole boards for the kids and they love them. they look just like me and my husbands just smaller and they fell like they r just like us. we set them up every time we play which is about every weekend. I also got them there fav. color cornhole bags that way they r all different!


Thursday 17th of February 2011

I tried this with Ben ~ I didn't have any bean bags so I used zip lock mini bags. I put rice in the bags and used 2 bags.. Didn't want rice flying all over the place. We had lots of fun...WHen playing with 4 year olds you have to be quick thinking.Have a TIggeriffic Day..Ta Ta FOr Now from Iowa:)