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Baby Activity – Lids and a Container

Baby Activity – Lids and Container
baby activity lids and a container
Baby N has had a ton of fun with these lids and a plastic container. Her favorite part is dumping them out. B and I count them as she puts them in and she thinks it’s hilarious that just dropping one of the lids in can get us to shout the same thing at the same time.
There are so many neat baby activities from recycled containers!
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Sunday 20th of February 2011

Good tip. My 16month old loves putting lids in a container. Recently he's started "counting" as he drops the in as well. I think it's helped that I'll say "onnnnne", "twwwwooo", "threeeee", etc as he drops each one. Now he tries to say what I'm saying & it's so cute!Another thing he likes dropping in containers are jars are baby food jar labels that I've peeled off & saved for him. For some reason he really likes them & I know he can't hurt himself with them!