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A Camera = Hours of Fun

camera hours of fun
We had an older digital camera that B asked to take pictures with. Once I showed him how to use it, the fun began. He has taken picture after picture and has had hours of fun. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. It has been so neat to see B get better at taking the pictures and then get creative with it.
If you have an older camera around, give your child a chance to experiment with it. Take pictures of your family, of your favorite things, shapes, letters, or colors. Make a book with your pictures or a slide show on the computer (I’m pushing for the slide show instead of printing out the pictures. =) ).


Tuesday 11th of October 2011

I gave my old digital when I got a new one. He likes to take it to daycare with him sometimes and that helps me know he's having fun, plus he takes great pride and joy in his pictures!


Saturday 8th of October 2011

We got my daughter her own camera for Christmas last year. She loves taking pictures. When she hasn't used it in awhile I tell her to go take pictures of green things, or whatever :)


Thursday 6th of October 2011

My grand kids all love taking pictures! This is a great idea!


Thursday 6th of October 2011

My 3-yo grandson takes pictures with my digital all the time. What you could do is put his pictures on an SD card and get one of the digital frames to display his pictures in. Kids love having their art displayed and this lets everyone enjoy their creativeness. - April

JDaniel4's Mom

Thursday 6th of October 2011

I love looking at what my son has taken pictures of.