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Alphabet Activities

Alphabet Activities
These Alphabet Activities will inspire you to create different experiences for your toddler or preschooler based on each letter of the alphabet.
alphabet activities
There are so may ways to play and learn with letters! Many people like to focus on one letter at a time (for a day or a week) so I thought this list of alphabet activities would be helpful. When you do one of these activities, write out the words for the children to see and read them together. You could even make a book with these.

Say your address.
Eat an apple.
Make the sound of your favorite animal.
Read a book.
Bounce a ball.
Ride your bicycle.
Count the trees in your yard.
Point to the clock in the house.
Catch a ball.
Bark like a dog.
Quack like a duck.
Wash the dishes.
Walk like an elephant.
Count to eleven.
Touch your elbow.
Hope like a frog.
Jump fourteen times.
Fly like a bird.
Wear the color green.
Jump like a grasshopper.
Make someone giggle.
Hop on one foot 10 times.
Gallop like a horse.
Hug a friend.
Eat an ice cream cone.
Look for an icicle in cold weather.
Find a picture of an inchworm.
Tell someone a joke.
Jog around the block with your mom.
Jump up and down five times.
Kick a ball.
Find a picture of a kangaroo.
Open a door with a key.
Hop on your left foot.
Write the letters of your name.
Look at the leaves on a tree.
Look at the moon.
Jump like a monkey.
Dance to your favorite music.
Write 10 numbers.
Read the newspaper.
Go outside at nighttime.
Open and close a door.
Eat an orange.
What is the opposite of hello?
Paint a pretty picture.
Color something purple.
Count some pennies.
Ask three questions.
Draw a quilt pattern of squares and color each square.
Write your name as quickly as you can.
Draw a rainbow.
Draw two rectangles.
Read your favorite book to someone.
Count the stars in the sky.
Crawl like a spider.
Cut something from a magazine with scissors.
Move like a turtle.
Tiptoe in the house.
Talk on the telephone.
Use an umbrella.
Look at a picture of a unicorn.
Hide under a table.
Sing a song in a soft voice.
Smell some vinegar.
Eat some vegetables.
Try to whistle.
Open a window.
Waddle like a duck.
Look at a picture of a xylophone.
Draw a circle and put an X in the middle.
Draw a square and put an X in the middle.
Play with a yoyo.
Make a yellow picture with crayons.
Yawn as if you are tired.
Make a zero with your fingers.
Zip up a jacket.
Pretend to be an animal in the zoo.

List from “Reading Games for Young Children” by Jackie Silberg

Carter Clan

Tuesday 17th of April 2012

Wonderful idea! Thank you!


Friday 13th of April 2012

What a great list that combines multi-sensory and gross motor fun! :) pinning...


Friday 13th of April 2012

GENIUS idea! Thank you! :)