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Everyday Math Games

Everyday Math Games
On weekday afternoons, I tutor elementary students out of my home.  M is always fascinated by this and begs to be “tutored” too.  Last week, I had an unexpected cancellation and called in M as my next student instead. She was thrilled. I grabbed a handful of index cards, a marker, and a box of paperclips.  We got to work on these Everyday Math Games.

Number Correspondence

everyday math games

  • I cut the index cards in half and wrote numbers one through ten on them.
  • On the other half, I drew dots.
  • First, she sorted the cards into two piles: numbers and dots.
  • Then, she matched the correct number card with the correct number of dots.

Number-Object Relationships

everyday math games

Next up, she made a number line.  Then, she counted out the correct number of paperclips (she insisted on using all yellow) and made piles under the number card.
When done, ask questions like:
  • Which number has the greatest amount of paperclips?
  • Which has the least?
  • If we put two piles together, can you figure out how many we’d have altogether?
  • By building in math vocabulary early on, they’ll learn to think in ways that will make addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easy to understand.

Color Patterning

everyday math games

Start patterns off and have your child finish them.  Who doesn’t love manipulating tons of colorful paperclips?! Help out by reciting the pattern, making it easier to decide what comes next.

Spatial and Logical Thinking

everyday math games

  • Use paperclips in a new way by changing their orientation.
  • Stretch your little one’s brain by helping them see things new ways!
  • Quick, easy activities that definitely pack a punch (and took very little pre-planning!).
    Written by Jill


Thursday 12th of April 2012

I am due to buy more paperclips at Staples. I was planning to get the plain Jane ones, but now I think I will buy a bunch of different colors. What a great idea!