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Pinterest Inspired Play

I’m addicted to Pinterest! (You can follow me on Pinterest.) Here are some of my favorite pins that made their way into our house that are timely for summer and school, Pinterest Inspired Play!

from Moms Crafty Space
Pinterest Inspired Play
Seriously, this was so easy and is always such a hit!
I mix a tablespoon or two of cornstarch with a tablespoon or two of water.  M (age 5) mixes it up, adds a couple drops of food coloring, and then happily paints our sidewalks.  I use a silicon muffin tin so that she can have an assortment of colors available and it cleans so easily.

Superhero Entry

from Secrets of a Super Mommy
Pinterest Inspired Play
Crepe paper is less than a dollar and will last you a long time!  I tear some strips and criss-cross them over her door so that on special mornings, when she might need a little super hero boost, she can run through!  We use this for everything from first days of school to birthday mornings.

Teacher Gifts

from ivillage
Pinterest Inspired Play
There are a plethora of great teacher gift ideas out there, but this was my personal favorite (well, of the ones I’ve tried so far!).  I bought three packages of colored pencils from the dollar store (they even come pre-sharpened) and grabbed an empty can.  Running a bead of hot glue vertically around the cup and then gluing the pencils gave us a great vase for a first day of school gift!  We added a ribbon for fun and then M picked some flowers from our yard.

Bath Bombs

from Play at Home Mom
Pinterest Inspired Play
So easy and SO fun.  I freeze water, mixed with a teeny drop of food coloring, in an ice cube tray.  Once it’s frozen, I drop them, cube by cube, into M and G’s bath.  They squeal and shriek as they try and capture the cube before they melt into the water.  Sounds simple but really… They love it!

School Tradition Pictures

from 517 Creations
Pinterest Inspired Play
This might be the best thing I’ve gleaned from Pinterest yet!  I bought a cheap chalkboard at the craft store and have M hold it on both the first AND last day of school.  It’s so fun to note the growth and change, and yes, I will make her do this through high school!

Party Ideas

from The Tomkat Studio
Pinterest Inspired Play
G’s first birthday party was pretty much a Pinterest-inspired party!  Everything from the candy buffet in apothecary jars, the photo time lines and the vinyl cut buckets… Pinterest was definitely present!
Written by Jill