Winter Activities

With the weather getting colder, you might be looking for a few indoor, Winter Activities to occupy and challenge your toddler. Set up these winter themed activities and watch your little one explore and learn!

Snowball Hide

Winter Activities
Grab a pill box (mine was from The Dollar Tree) and some small pompom “snow balls.”  Tots have to exercise those finger muscles to open the little doors and hide a snowball in each one.

Tweezing Snowballs

Winter Activities
This Santa mold is from The Dollar Tree and I just laid it out with plastic tweezers (like THESE) and chunky cotton balls.  Have kiddos tweeze the balls to the tray, adding “beards” to the Santas.

Ornament Count and Sort

Winter Activities
If you’ve recently bought a pack of ornaments, don’t throw away the packaging!  I made some simple number cards with cardstock and stickers and set out a bowl of sparkly pompoms, too.  Tots have to put a number card in each section and then count out the correct amount of pompoms to match.

Make Snowmen!

Winter Activities
 I love making big patches of play dough (Homemade Playdough Recipe).  Sometimes I add in glitter or scents (did you know that Dollar Tree sells seasonal scents like peppermint or cocoa?).  For this activity, I set out a lump of dough, as well as a bowl of necessities to make a snowman (pipe cleaners for arms, buttons for eyes, pebbles for a mouth, ect.).

Candy Cane Patterning

Winter Activities
You could easily have kids cut their own white strips but I had everything already prepped for this activity, ready to go on the tray.  Tots took a strip and glued it on the candy cane, talking about patterns as they went!

Scooping Jingle Bells

Winter Activities
I filled a bowl with tiny, colorful jingle bells and laid it out with a tablespoon measuring spoon.  They had to spoon and transfer, which made a super satisfying sound in the glass bowls!

Dot Art

Winter Activities

Print off some pages from HERE, laid out with Dot Stampers, and you have a super fun, low-mess activity!

Written by Jill
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