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It’s OK to Love Books AND Technology

books and technology

Whether we embrace it or not, technology has a new place in the world of reading. I think it is important for children to hold books in their hands and physically turn the pages, but I also love how technology provides so many choices instantly and creates a new excitement for books.

I’ve discovered Bookboard. Bookboard is a children’s book service that supports a new generation of readers with a different approach to reading with your children on digital devices. Instead of buying and downloading books, Bookboard offers an affordable subscription service that allows you to instantly explore books that are targeted to your childrens’ age and interests.
books and technology
Signing up for Bookboard is easy.
It’s 3 quick steps and then it sets up a library for each of your children that allows them to explore and unlock different books (pictured above).
books and technology
My kids LOVED that they could scroll through and pick any book they wanted to.
It’s like a shelf of library books right in the palm of your hand. So fun!
books and technology
You can unlock new books by reading a certain amount of books from your library. The book coming out of the treasure chest was such an exciting and magical thing. N (3 yrs old) said, “Let’s read some more and try to unlock a new one.”
Check out Bookboard today and sign up for a free trial!
When you sign up a read a book by February 11th you will be automatically entered to win an iPad Mini.  Rules and details at 
This article is sponsored by Bookboard, but the opinions and experiences I’ve shared are my own. 



Thursday 31st of January 2013

I agree with you - our kids have to learn how to manage technology in their lives, it is definitely just going to become a bigger part of life as they get older!


Thursday 31st of January 2013

I think balance is the key! I have a hard time embracing all of the technology that this generation is exposed to and I'm even studying to be a technology instructor. But you are right... we need to embrace change and use it as a tool to help our students/chidren be the best that they can be. I downloaded an interactive 3 Little Pigs that LM loves and Dr. Suess ABC's. I think this new way of reading is great for combining auditory and visual learning.