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Fruit Activities

Fruit Activities
 For only a few dollars, I was able to put together this activity with a few items from my local Dollar Tree for these fruit activities.
fruit activities
Fruit for sale!  My little guy- age (age 3) had fun with this sorting/category activity.

Can you sort the fruit by color and kind into each little bucket using only the tool provided?  I couldn’t pass by the colorful fruit ice-cubes and containers at my local Dollar Tree. I knew there was something fun that I could plan that would encourage learning, fine-motor development, and play.

fruit activities

Also, a great for toddlers with supervision.

The little one pictured below is 17 months old.
fruit activities

She even pretending that she was eating the fruit without trying to put it in her mouth. She seemed to enjoy the squishy feel of the fruit ice-cubes as she grasped them with her tiny fingers.  The tongs that I had used were too difficult for her at this point in her development.

Other Ideas-
1. A mini-fruit stand for pretend and/or beginning money skills. LM enjoyed this activity and even had little bags to put the fruit in after had made a sale.
2. Counting- adding and subtracting
3. Create a fruit pattern
4. Freeze the fruit for a different sensory experience.
5. Combine this activity with a fruit-themed book such as…





Written by Jen