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Boy Games

Boy Games
I’m frequently asked to recommend activities or games for active boys. Here’s a collection of boy games and activities that your boys will love (girls love them too)! These indoor and outdoor activities will get them moving, spark their creativity, and challenge their minds. 
Boy Games
make a superhero city

Make a Super Hero City

Get creative with large pieces of paper, markers, and your super hero toys. Setting up the super hero city keeps your kids engaged and then the city provides hours of fun with pretend play. 

Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds Play

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds and knocking things down? This collection of Angry Bird activities is sure to be a hit. 

Mini Golf for Kids

Mini Golf

Use what you have on hand to create your own miniature golf course. Make tunnels out of paper or straws. make obstacles out of stuffed animals. Each time you make a course it can be different and more challenging. Check out how we quickly made ours. 

playdough game

Play Dough Smash

This game is great for fine motor skills! Rolling the play dough strengthens finger and hand muscles and then smashing them is so satisfying!

Numbers Balloon Game

Balloon Game 

Bopping balloons is fun for all action seekers. See how we added numbers to the balloons to sneak in a little Math. 

make your own board game

Human Board Game 

Imagine an obstacle course and a game board mixed together. Add dice and let the fun begin. 

Bubble Wrap Activities

Bubble Popping Letters 

Popping the bubble wrap is so satisfying for kids and adults alike. Add letters, colors, shapes, or words to turn it in to a listening challenge. 

styrofoam crafts

Styrofoam Sculptures

Building styrofoam sculptures is an open ended activity that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. 

water bead activities

Water Beads

Sensory seekers love playing with and exploring water beads. Adult supervision is required so your child doesn’t put them in their mouth. 

make your own car mat

Poster Board Car Mat

Creating the car mat together is just as fun as the pretend play that follows!

draw and drive

Drive and Draw 

Tape markers or crayons to a toy car, then drive and draw!

sensory with beans

Bean Funnel 

Use recycled containers to create tubes and funnels to experiment with. Try it outside with water or you can use beans inside. Scoop, dump, and experiment.  

toddler activities

Experiment with What You Have

A wrapping paper tube can be a sword, an obstacle course piece, or a science experiment. We used ours to try to get the pom poms to drop into the bucket. 

race car letters

Race Car Letters

Use toy cars and these race car letters to have fun driving through the alphabet. 

sensory play

Shaving Cream Fun

Drive trucks through a bin of shaving cream, bury your hands in it, or even cover your body in this sensory activity. If your child is one to cover their body with shaving cream, try it in the bathtub or outside. 

indoor snowball game

Indoor Snowball Game 

Cold Winter months can make kids go stir crazy. Try this indoor snowball game to get moving. The “snowball” is a large pom pom. 

bowling game

Toilet Paper Roll Bowling 

Toilet paper tubes come in so handy! We use save them and use them for crafts, engineering challenges, and fun games like this toilet paper tube bowling game. 

kids games with tape

Games with Tape 

Painters Tape can provide hours of fun. From balancing on lines, jumping from spot to spot, or driving cars along the taped roads, your little ones will have a blast. 

golf tees and styrofoam

Golf Tees and Styrofoam 

Hammering golf tees into styrofoam is so fun! You can get these materials at the dollar store and get hammering. Tip: The green styrofoam usually falls apart and crumbles, so get white styrofoam if possible. 

Ice activities

Ice Treasures

Freeze little toys and action figures in a container of water. Dump the ice block onto a tray and let the fun begin. This activity is especially fun outside on a hot day. 

toddler game

Beware of Crocodiles 

For little learners, jumping over pretend crocodiles sparks their imagination and becomes an adventure. Jump over the crocodiles and bring back a certain letter or puzzle piece. 

baking soda and vinegar

Baking Soda Color Eruptions

Baking soda and vinegar is always a winner! Try little piles of baking soda covering drops of food coloring and a vinegar to sprinkle on or experiment with baking soda and vinegar on a larger scale outside with big cups and spoons. Tip: To get the most out of your vinegar, dilute it with water. 

build a cup tower

Build a Cup Tower 

Challenge your child to build the tallest tower they can with cups and paper/cardstock. 

water balloon activities

Water Balloons 

Check out how we sneak in learning with water balloons on a sunny day! 

Jana from HowToRunAHomeDaycare

Saturday 18th of May 2013

My little ones are going to have so much fun with this list. Thanks!!

Crazy Busy Bee

Thursday 21st of March 2013

Any boys would love these! Thanks for sharing!

Heather Stefani

Tuesday 19th of March 2013

Awesome ideas. Thanks!

JDaniel4's Mom

Tuesday 19th of March 2013

I think my son would love all of these.