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Earth Day Learning Fun

Earth Day Learning Fun
April is Earth Day month so we’re celebrating with some learning trays!  Here is Earth Day Learning for M (5.5 years old) and G (22 months) to do together.

Color Sort

Earth Day Learning
I put out a bowl of garden pebbles, sea glass, and stones and a pair of Dollar Tree tongs.  Then I labeled some pots (also Dollar Tree) and had the kiddos sort by the Earth’s colors!  G used his fingers but M used the tongs.

Seed Sort

earth day learning
This wooden box came from the Dollar Tree and I used a dab of hot glue to glue down different seeds and beans.  Then they had to match, given the bowl of seeds of beans.  M loved this, and was curious about each type.  G was more interested in pulling each seed out of the glue.  Ha!

Floral Arrangement

earth day learning
I stuck some floral foam down into the pot and put out some silk flowers.  They had to push the flowers through the foam.  This was all from the Dollar Tree and it was G’s favorite activity!


earth day learning
I labeled a divided basket with the different materials that can be recycled.  Then I put out a box of “trash” and had them sort and recycle!  M loved this one!


earth day learning
I used a divided plate from the Dollar Tree, labeled it “Living” and “Not Living” and put out tiny animals, plants, and objects.  The kiddos had to sort the objects.  M loved teaching G where to put the items!

Magnet Play

earth day learning
Making Learning Fun has some great resources for Earth Day!  I taped this magnet page on our small white board and provided a ton of magnets.  They moved the magnets to the circles on the page!

Do you celebrate Earth Day with your kiddos?

Written by Jill

Kirstylee Cassidy

Tuesday 16th of April 2013

These are all such great ideas. I especially love the flower arranging. I have two boys so they don't necessarily love flowers or anything, but I think they would enjoy that activity. Thanks for the idea.