Making Your Child Feel Special

Making Your Child Feel Special
I think that one of the hardest parts of being a mom to many (because I DO consider three to be “many” children in the house!) is taking time to make sure each one feels special and loved.  Of course the words we say are daily reminders, but sometimes it’s fun to DO things that are a tangible reminder for them.

Heart Attack

making your child feel special
We did this once on Valentine’s Day and M (5 years old) loved it so much that we try to do it every few months.  Basically, my husband and I wait until she’s gone to bed and then we cover her door with hearts (I also use sticky notes).  Each one states one thing we love about her.  Not only does she love finding and reading them in the morning, but I’ve also found that she keeps them in a stash next to her bed.  So sweet!

Dates with Mom

making your child feel special

Mommy-daughter dates are so fun and they don’t have to be long or elaborate.  I found that our local nail place only charges $5 for a nail polish and M just thinks she’s royalty when I surprise her with this treat!

Dates with Dad

making your child feel special
And of course, daddy dates are the best, too!  Did you know that MANY Chick-fil-as host Daddy-Daughter Date Nights AND Daddy-Son Date “Knights”?  We always participate in them and they are SO fun.  Each one is different, but past ones have included games, limo rides, and crafts… And they’re free.  Look up your local location for details!

Small Surprises

making your child feel special
Sweet little surprises are easy to execute, thanks to so many dollar sections in stores!  My kiddos absolutely squeal when they find that I’ve wrapped and hidden a little puzzle, pack of play dough, or set of stickers for them.


making your child feel special

And finally, sometimes it’s enough just to take time out and include them.  I know that I could empty the dishwasher, fold the laundry, or grocery shop a zillion times faster if I did those things by myself.  But, it means a ton to kiddos to be included and it can be such a valuable, cheap, and free experience for them.  M LOVES to help daddy fix and build things!

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