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Alphabet Bug Hunt (printable)

Alphabet Bug Hunt (printable)
Hunt for types of bugs from A to Z with this free, printable Alphabet Bug Hunt!
Alphabet Bug Hunt

Get our your magnifying glasses, because tis the season to hunt for bugs! One of our favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer months has been to search, discover, and learn about insects. To make this experience even more exciting for the kids, I created an Alphabet Bug Hunt.

bug scavenger hunt

Some of the insects will be difficult to find in our region and an extinct species was even included for the letter X..Xerces Butterfly.  So of course some will need to be researched on the internet, but what a great way to teach kids about endangered and extinct species!

  • Print out the ABC bug scavenger hunt Pages and circle each insect found during your hunt.
  • Bring along a digital camera and have your child take photos of discoveries.  The photos can be used to make an online slide show or printed out to create an insect book.
  • Think about other insects that might start with the letter sound.  For example- (Bb is for beetle, bee, butterfly ) Older children can research and read more about the insects that interest them most.

Written by Jen

Susan Stephenson

Tuesday 14th of May 2013

Love these ideas!