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Toddlers and Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers and Fine Motor Skills
The toddler years are all about exploring environments, and with a little pre-planning, you can taylor your tot’s exploration into learning, too!
In our house, we LOVE fine motor skills activities, so here are some of our faves right now.

Toddlers and Fine Motor Skills

Pop some spaghetti noodles in a lump of play dough.  Have your tot string Cheerios onto the noodles.
It’s totally doable but definitely requires focus!
When your tot paints, watch how they hold the paintbrush.  Gently encourage him to hold it as though it were a pencil.  Hand-over-hand is effective.
In the age of tablets and iPads, kiddos are very used to touching a screen and watching the cursor move.  But, there’s art in learning how to operate a mouse or a track pad and a 2 year old is ready to learn!  We love Starfall for engaging fun while learning to operate a computer.
Squeeeeeeze the glue!  Amp up the fine motor component by pushing shapes and sequins into the glue.
Snip, snip!  Practice early cutting skills by rolling play dough snakes VERY thin and then cutting!
Turn a wire or metal basket over and have your tot push pom poms through!  Call out colors or numbers to up the learning fun!
Have you ever wondered which fine motor skills your child should be working on? It depends on where your child is developmentally. However, you can refer to this fine motor skills checklist to see around which age children develop each of the skills. 
These are just a few of our favorite fine motor skill activities for toddlers that we have been working with lately. Using what you have on hand to make the activities keeps it easy on you and fun for your toddler. 

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