Learning Link Activities

I found a package of colorful learning links at the Dollar Tree and knew they’d be great learning tools for G (2 years old).  Here are some ways we used them for learning link activities:


Learning Link Activities
 Making AB patterns was totally new to him, and it took a few tries, but he totally got the hang of it!  We read the pattern together, almost like a song, and he did so great to complete the patterns.  We did did patterns based on:
-Shape (example: heart, star, heart, star)
-Color (red, blue, red, blue)
-Position (tall, sideways, tall, sideways)


Learning Link Activities
I gave him a pile of tiny objects I found around the house (dice, whistles, buttons) and had him sort the objects by color, using the learning links as headings.

Listening Skills

Learning Link Activities
He loved this one!  I would give him clues such as, “Find me a blue star,” and he would hand it to me.  As we went, I gave him harder clues like, “Find me something we use to play games,” or, “Find me something that makes noise.”

Shape Sort

Learning Links Activities
He sorted the links on a color mat I made in Word, naming the shapes as he went.


Learning Link Activities
Finally, he connected all his links and made a bracelet for him and a necklace for me!
If you can’t find them at your Dollar Tree, Lakeshore Learning has fun learning links too!
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