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Toddler Color Matching

Toddler Color Matching

Wanting a fun way to introduce colors and body parts to your little one, as well as practice some fine motor skills?  Try this Rings on Fingers color matching activity (inspired by The Eyes of a Boy) and pair it up with your favorite book or song about those sweet little fingers.

  1. Cut out two hands, each in a different color of card stock.  I used this hand template to make mine.
  2. If you would like, laminate them or cover them in clear contact paper so they can get some toddler lovin’ during play and then hot glue them to popsicle sticks.
  3. Stand them up using floral foam or upside down egg cartons with some clay or PlayDoh to help hold the sticks.
  4. Make little rings to fit on the fingers using coordinating pipe cleaners, being sure to tuck away sharp edges so your little one doesn’t get poked.
  5. Play!  Try helping your toddler match the colored rings to the correct hand or identifing fingers and thumbs.  You could also count fingers together and sing some of the finger rhymes below while pointing to the colored hands.

There are many books and rhymes about fingers that would be a great tie in with this activity!  You probably have some favorites around the house already, but these are a couple of ours.

My daughter was obsessed with Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins when we did this activity, so we spent lots of time reading that book and especially pointing on the “rings on fingers, rings on thumb” page.  This book is especially fun if you have a little drum or even just a pot or pan to play along as you read!

Another favorite of hers was Ten Little Fingers by Annie Kubler.   (We found ours at the library!) This is an illustration of this popular toddler finger play, which Sophie really enjoyed doing together.

This song helps introduce counting your fingers, and is fun for practice moving fingers independently.  If your toddler is younger you can wiggle each finger for them.  The later verses are lots of fun for practicing other body parts and enjoying moving around.

Written by Alicia