Squirt a Shape Bath Game

Shape Bath Game

This simple bath game was a big hit in our house this week!

I got some brightly colored foam sheets from the Dollar Tree and cut them into the simple shapes we had been learning.  She loves “sticking” them to the walls, taking them down, and putting them back up.

Once she had some shapes up on the tub walls, I gave her the baster and asked her to squirt the circle.  Then I gave her another shape to squirt.  I could have spiced it up by mentioning a specific color shape, but this was enough for the first time!

She had a difficult time squeezing and directing the baster at the same time, so I helped her out by holding the baster once she found the shape so she could squirt. This is a great modification for smaller toddlers.

Shape Bath Game

The possibilities for this game can extend well beyond shapes.  If you have a set of foam letters, you can use those as well, or simply write letters, numbers, or sight words on foam rectangles and have them squirt the specific item.  It’s a fun, silly, no pressure way to practice identification!

Written by Alicia

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