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Make Summer Reading Exciting

Make Summer Reading Exciting
I’m a reading specialist, as well as a mama to a first grade daughter, M.  With school rapidly coming to a close, now is a great time to think of ways that you can continue reading your way through summer!  These are some of my favorite ways, both for classroom AND home learning!
Summer Reading
summer reading
Whisper phones are my favorite and each one cost about $0.55 to make!  I bought a large piece of PVC and cut it down to size.  Then I popped two “elbow” PVC pieces to each end, making it into a phone.  And because I couldn’t stop there, I covered each in washi tape.
summer reading 2
Have your little reader hold it up like a phone and read out loud.  She will be able to hear herself, which is KEY for increasing fluency!  She will be easily able to hear her own expression, pacing, and accuracy.  M keeps one in her nightstand and we can often hear her reading into at night.
summer reading 3
I picked up some packs of these awesome neon finger lights in the Michaels dollar section (however, they were actually $2 for a pack of 4).  I attach one on each kiddo’s finger and it automatically illuminates the word that they’re reading.  It encourages early readers to track one-to-one as they build confidence.
summer reading 4
Also, a GREAT way to keep skills sharp is to utilize technology!  If you’re looking for something free, Starfall is awesome.  ABC Mouse is a favorite in this house (for the 6 year old AND the 2 year old), but you DO have to buy a membership.
I LOVE to see my kids engaged in reading and truly believe it can open so many doors.  Sometimes finding just the right “in” can really capture their attention!
Looking for a reward chart to keep track of your Summer reading? Once Upon a Cheerio has awesome reward charts that you can print!